Why Travel to Siem Reap, Cambodia?

Siem Reap is the capital city of Siem Reap Province, located in northwestern Cambodia. This city derives its name “Siem Reap”, which means “Flat Defeat of Siam”, from a centuries old conflict between the Khmer and Siamese people.

With a population of over 170,000, Siem Reap boasts the reputation of being the gateway to the world famous Angkor region, one of Cambodia’s most popular tourist destinations.

Another attraction that has tourists flocking to Siem Reap in droves is the tropical wet and dry climate which has this city generally hot throughout the year.

Whether it’s a jungle adventure you’re after, or a taste of the city’s legendary nightlife, you will find all this and more at Siem Reap.

So, why would one travel to Siem Reap? Here are a few reasons to visit Siem Reap (the list is open):



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    Eat Bugs at the Old Market

    Indulge in a bug feast at Phsar Chas, the Old Market, and contribute to de-bugging the streets of Siem Reap! The baskets of spices, multicolored varieties of fresh produce and crispy fried tarantulas, chicken feet and octopus will give you a feel for a real Cambodian market. For a tamer experience, buy from the hawkers selling roasted corn on the cob, fried banana kebabs and banana-chocolate pancakes.

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    Fishy Foot Massage
    After a long day of trekking around the temples, your feet will be worn out and begging for some TLC. This is the best time to visit one of Siem Reap’s numerous spas that offer massages, reflexology sessions and other relaxation facilities. A good way to make your trip to Siem Reap memorable is by indulging in a “fish massage” which involves having tiny fish nibble dead skin from your toes.

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    Angkor Temples
    Arguably one of the world’s greatest monuments, the temples at Angkor are a sight for the sorest of eyes. April is the ideal time to see the temples at their best during haze-free days. Go on a photography tour at sunrise to ensure that you don’t miss out on any hidden highlights. You could also rent a bicycle and spend the day touring the main temple circuit at your own pace.

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    Aspara Dance
    Why else should you visit Siem Reap? To watch the elegant traditional Aspara dance, of course. Get a taste of Cambodian culture with this Khmer dance show named after the “heavenly dancers” that adorn the Angkor temples. At the Angkor Village Hotel’s Aspara Theater, you get a reasonable dinner show each day from 8 p.m.

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    Pub Street
    Pub Street is the party hub in Siem Reap. Here you can grab a drink or get a scoop of the best ice cream in Siem Reap at the Blue Pumpkin. Kick off your night of fun at the Red Piano which offers good French cuisine and boasts a reputation for being Angelina Jolie’s favorite spot during the filming of “Tomb Raider”. Then head down to the “Angkor What?” bar, a popular spot which is always one of the last to close.

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