Why Travel to Marrakech, Morocco?

Why Travel to Marrakech Morroco

Why travel to Marrakech? Jemaa-el-Fna market
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Popularly known as the Red State, Marrakech has established itself as one of the top destinations in Africa. This name was given to the city because of the structures and walls surrounding the city are red in color.

Marrakech is located in the northwestern part of Morocco, a country in Africa. The one thing that is bound to capture your attention is the beautiful sight of the Atlas Mountains each morning. It’s best to pack your bags and head there otherwise you just might miss out on an experience that is worth a lot.There is a very well developed network of roads, so there won’t be a lot of trouble experienced while traveling to Marrakech.

The city features a semi –arid climate which is characterized by mild wet winters and hot dry summers. The temperature averages at 29℃ so it’s wise to avoid extremely warm clothing.

Marrakech has many hotels that can accommodate you and anyone else accompanying you. The facilities are also of international standards so you won’t lack anything even with a normal budget.

Sites, attractions and Landmarks worth visiting in Marrakech

Your trip to Marrakech will be very fulfilling once you get to visit some of the top attractions available. Gueliz is a prominent attraction that receives a lot of visitors. It’s an ancient fortified city that will help you appreciate the culture and history of the city and country as a whole.

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    Atlas Mountains
    The Atlas Mountains definitely make it to the top of the list as beautiful attractions worth laying your eyes on. The snow capped mountains offer picturesque scenery that will enable you appreciate the aesthetic value that nature offers to this world. There is no doubt that this sort of scenery is unrivaled with the white snow mantle filling the horizon of the deep blue sky.

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    El Badi Palace
    The El Badi Palace is also a site to behold for people interested in experiencing ancient African structures. The old town of Marrakech was named one of the UNESCO world heritage site in 1985. It’s an appropriate place to visit with family members.

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    Marrakech desert

    The large deserts found in the area that are filled with emptiness provide tourists with a lot of options to consider in terms of activities. The motor sport is a fun activity to indulge in. You can race using the fastest speeds without a care of bumping into anything. You should be careful and remember to fill your tank as you really don’t want to experience how it feels like getting stranded in the desert. It might be adventurous, but it isn’t that fun.

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    Djemaa El-Fina

    The economy of the city thrives on tourism so it would be quite noble if you’d take your time to purchase some of the beautiful works of art done by the locals. You can also be part of the crowd that enjoys the act performed by snake charmers who amaze and entertain crowds. You will also see various dancers, musicians and story teller who entice the crowds with their lovely displays.

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    The Souks (Suuqs)

    This is the main market place in the city where you can shop for souvenirs. You are encouraged to bring out your bargaining skills in order to avoid being overcharged. It’s an exciting experience walking through the market place interacting with locals as you purchase some of their items.

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