Why Travel to Florence, Italy?

Why Travel - San Niccolo, Florence, Italy

San Niccolo, Florence, IT
photo: Chris Yunker

Florence is the capital city and the most populous city in Tuscany, home to over 370,000 people, with this figure expanding to more than 1.5 million in the metropolitan area.

Florence boasts a history as the centre of trade and finance in medieval Europe, being one of the wealthiest cities of the time. Regarded as the Athens of the Middle Ages, Florence is also considered the birthplace of the Renaissance. Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1982, Florence’s historic centre attracts millions of tourists every year and is just one of the great reasons why you should visit Italy’s capital of culture.

So, why would one travel to Florence?

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    Michelangelo’s David

    You cannot afford to leave Florence without setting your eyes on Michelangelo’s David (1501-04) at the Galleria dell’Accademia. Still gleaming since it’s clean up in 2003, this monument is a sight for sore eyes. Other works by Michelangelo line the walls of the David salon including his Slaves, the masterly but unfinished sculptures that struggle to escape from marble prisons.

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    Eat Florentine Steak

    Your visit to Florence would not be complete without sampling Florentine steak. Thick as a phonebook, this dish comprises of a hunk of beef that is part dinner and part protein-based machismo contest. There are various charming restaurants south of the river that serve up this meat by the kilo. If you’re not up for being carnivorous, you may find other eateries serving fish dishes, classic pastas and other daily specials.

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    Vivanda Wines & Food

    Dedicated to organic wines, Vivanda is the first enoteca in Florence that has become really popular in the short time since it opened in 2010. Situated between piazza Santo Spirito and piazza del Carmine, Vivanda offers an extensive wine list featuring over 100 biodynamic and organic labels from across Italy and the world. From its kitchen, you can also sample a great assortment of antipasti, primi and secondi, not forgetting the fresh pasta and vegetables. You also get to eat on biodegradable plates and cutlery!

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    Uffizi Gallery
    Judging by the quality and quantity of paintings displayed there, Uffizi gallery is one of the greatest treasure troves of Renaissance art in the world. Try to get there when the museum opens or at lunchtime when there aren’t too many tour groups. You will need to plan a return visit because viewing the entire collection is likely to take a lot of time.

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    Villa il Palmerino
    If downtown Florence becomes too stifling hot for you, head for the hills of Fiesole. Located on these hills is the 15th century Villa il Palmerino at which you can enjoy a much needed respite from the bustling town. The villa offers a very interesting experience featuring centuries old cultural activities, as well as concerts, lectures and other cultural programs. Lunch and dinner are available, featuring the vegetables and wines from the Villa’s organic kitchen garden and vineyard.

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