Why travel to New York City?

Why Travel to New York City

New York
Photo by Enrico Donelli, available under a CC BY 2.0 License

It’s true that you can make it anywhere in the world if you can make it in the big apple. So why not try it out and visit to see for yourself all the glamour and hype that is real and not fabricated as many would assume. The city has a lot to offer ranging from the best accommodation, world class entertainment and out of this world experience.

The city has a very diverse population consisting of people from basically every part of the world. In reality, every language is spoken in New York City so you shouldn’t find it hard communicating no matter which part of the world you come from.

The city is best defined as a concrete jungle due to the existence of extraordinarily high skyscrapers. The city enjoys mostly humid subtropical climate which is characterized by cold damp winters and warm summers.

You need to stay on your toes at all times as life in this big city is very fast. There is therefore need to be alert otherwise you might miss out on some of the fun activities happening on the streets of New York.

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    Statue of Liberty
    It would almost pointless to visit NYC without having a glimpse of the statue of liberty. It’s a remarkable site that represents the freedom of the state. It’s definitely a visit that you would want to be part of your tour around the city. You’ll be able to access it through the Liberty Island.

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    Empire State Building
    You can enjoy the aerial view of the concrete jungle by climbing up the empire state building. You’ll be able to see the towering buildings that make NYC so great and marvelous. It’s one of the largest and tallest buildings in the city. You can enjoy all this from a corridor where tourist and visitors are allowed to get a view of the city.

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    Central Park
    This is the best place to get away from all the hassle. You’ll see the beautiful natural scenery of the park where you can have picnics and play simple games with your friends or family. There are several restaurants within the vicinity to satisfy your appetite in case hunger strikes.

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    The number of museums in the city is very many. Each of them offers visitors an exciting and wonderful experience. The first and most notable museum is the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It consists of artwork from every corner of the world. It’s the focal point where a lot of people present their craftsmanship. The American museum of Natural History is on the hand a hub of culture. It’s a place you’d want to visit and quench your thirst for knowledge about American history.

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