Why travel to Venice, Italy?

Venice is without a doubt paradise on earth. You’ll be able to understand such a statement once you set foot in the city. It’s a city filled with lots of love in the air and that’s why you’ll find couples having a splendid vacation in this blessed city.

Located in the northeastern part of Italy, Venice is a city that is very dear to a lot of people who have visited and toured its vast lands. It’s also the capital city of the Venito region.

The city enjoys a humid subtropical climate. In most cases, such a climate experiences warm summers and cool winters. There is a fair amount of rain throughout the year which gives visitors ample time to enjoy the sun even more. The city is by itself a live museum of the world showcasing various elements of nature. This is evident as over 100 canals and waterways make their way in and out of the city. There is a huge array of beautiful architecture made in ancient times. The people are also very friendly and will make your stay very memorable.

Venice is a known all over the world as a fashion center. It’s quite obvious that shopping addicts will find this place very attractive and exciting. There are all types of designer clothing with Italian brands commanding a huge chunk of the market. You can never go wrong with Italian designer so chances of disappointment are zero.

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    You can explore the waters by hiring a gondola. This is a very fun way to spend your time, especially if you are accompanied by a loved one. You’ll be able to tour the city much better using this means. You’ll also avoid all the traffic on the streets in case you happen to be in the city during the peak tourism season. Gondolas are not only major means of transport in the city but are also very huge attractions that interest a lot of tourists.

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    Lido di Venezia
    The Lido di Venezia is a spectacular place to visit while in the city. You are bound to bump into famous international celebrities and superstars who also come to enjoy this luxurious destination. It’s filled with world class facilities that will definitely make your stay in the city very pleasant.

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    St. Mark’s Basilica

    The St Mark’s Basilica is a major attraction in the city. It receives millions of visitors from all over the world each year. Its architectural design is one to note as it’s not your ordinary building. Other major attractions of a similar caliber include the Piazza San Marco and the Grand Canal.

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    St Mark’s Square (Piazza San Marco)

    This square is a very fascinating place to visit. It might not have the lights and glamour similar to those on Time Square, but it has beautiful historical buildings. This gives it the power to match the magnificence of the Times Square found in New York.

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    The Bridge of Sigh
    The city has several rivers making their way through it. It’s as a result of this that over 350 bridges were built each offering breathtaking and beautiful view. The Bridge of Sigh is notably among the most appealing bridges in the world. You must see the beautiful bridge for you to appreciate its beauty.

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