Why travel to San Francisco, California?


Photo by Francois Marier, available under a CC BY 2.0 License

San Francisco never disappoints any visitor inspiring to travel and have a great time. It’s made up of one of the finest hotels, sites and attraction that would make any visit worthwhile. The locals in the area are very friendly. You need to only be conversant with the English language to communicate with people here.

The climate is very conducive during the summer. You can ride some of the cable rides while making your way around the city. There is a whole lot of fun and excitement just waiting to be experienced by people visiting the city.

Sites, attractions and Landmarks worth visiting (your feedback is appreciated):




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    Golden Gate Bridge
    The Golden gates bridge provides viewers with a spectacular and marvelous view. It’s a man-made structure that was impressively constructed.

    It’s a landmark that is not only recognized by the San Francisco inhabitants but also a considerable number of people from all over the world. Standing for a distance in the early mornings, one can get a glimpse of how the landmark dominates the San Francisco skyline.

    The cloudy mist and fog that forms below it gives it a heavenly appearance. People can access the bridge via car, bicycle or on foot.

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    Alcatraz was a federal penitentiary from 1934 to 1963. It is believed to have housed the most gruesome outlaws of that period. It’s currently a very popular site and attraction that sees millions of visitors gracing its doorsteps each year. Also known as the ‘Rock’, the site is a very interesting place to explore. There are tours around the old cells and gardens that will please you a lot.

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    San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

    The museum holds over 26000 works of art. You’ll therefore have your hands full on this particular day that you choose to visit the museum. It is the first ever museum in the West Coast to be built. Its home to beautiful artworks made by both established and new artist. There are some ancient artworks present and available for visitors to see. Visitors get to appreciate and enjoy the appealing pieces of art done by major talents from all over the world.

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    Aquarium of the bay
    It’s a nonprofit center that gives visitors the chance to see marine creatures up close. It’s a superb place to visit with friends and family members alike. The marine nature center, through a 90m tunnel, provides enthusiastic travels the opportunity to get a glimpse of skates, bat rays and sharks. There are over 20000 marine creatures waiting to be seen at the center. It’s not only a chance to see the magnificent creatures that live under water, but it’s also a chance to improve to your biology knowledge.

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