Why travel to Rome, Italy?


Colosseum by night
Photo by Jeremy Vandel, available under a CC BY 2.0 License

Rome is home to some of the best landmarks and attractions in the world. There is a wide variety of activities that any traveler would be pleased to take part in. Rome is the capital city of Italy, so there is definitely no way that you’ll lack excitement, experience and fun.

The summers are dry and the winters are mostly humid. This is because the city enjoys a Mediterranean climate. Temperatures are approximately 20°C so you can carry on with your activities comfortable without worrying about excessive heat or cold.

Here are a few answers to the question “Why travel to Rome?”:
1. The talking Statues
Take time to visit the talking statues which consist of Marforio and Pasquino. They are ancient statues that will give you an insight of ancient Roman creativity. The two are the most prominent of them all, though there are others such as Abbot Luigi, IL Babuino, Facchino and Madama Lucrezia. All of them are statues of gods worshiped by early inhabitants of Rome. Their designs clearly indicate that there was abundant talent in the art and craftsmanship industry during those times.
2. Trevo Fountain
This is the many fountains present in the city. It’s made from marble and is truly a work of art. It’s a fountain that can bring good luck to visitors who throw in coins over their shoulder.
3. Colosseum
You aren’t supposed to leave the city without visiting this place. This is where you can picture exactly how Romans lived in ancient times. You’ll get a tour around in order to get an understanding of the activities that took place in the colosseum.
4. Ostia Antica
This is the many gems in Rome that tourists miss out on. It’s a very quiet and secluded area where visitors can explore and learn more about the city.  It contains persevered remains of the city’s ports and is a fascinating place to get loose and wonder about.
5. Palatine Hill
It’s famous for its gorgeous ancient sites. There are a few museums within the area that you can also visit and explore. The Palatine Hill is a major tourist attraction that definitely must be on your list of top places to visit.

Have you been to Rome? Are you a local willing to mention a secret place? Please share your experience and help others learn more reasons to travel to Rome!



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    Festivals in Rome
    1. La Festa di San Silvestro

    This is a good way to welcome the New Year. It takes place during New Year’s Eve. It’s the Rome way of ushering in a brand new year.
    2. Rome Film Festival
    It’s held in October and showcases over 6000 movies from various parts of the world. It’s a great time to see both local and international celebrities gracing the event.

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    Festa Della Madonna delle Neve

    It’s a religious festival held on the 5th of August. It’s a very beautiful ceremony that can help Catholic faithful get in touch with God.

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    Summer Festival
    It’s the best time of the year as it’s celebrated from September to June when the weather is conducive and warm. There are a lot of music and sport events.

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    Natalie di Roma
    It’s celebrated in April. The sky is lit up with beautiful fireworks as the locals and tourists take part in a parade. There is food and drinks available so you can party like a Roman.

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