Why Travel to London, UK?

You’ll be delighted to note that London is one of best destinations a person can ever visit. You’ll lack nothing in terms of excitement, fun and pleasure. It is a very developed city that offers facilities of international standards that will increase your level of convince while touring.

The city experiences an oceanic climate which is largely characterized by very chilly winters and generally warm summers. Try and avoid coming to the city during winter if you are not comfortable with rainfall, frost and extremely cold temperatures. There is a lot of diversity since a lot of people from all over the world have settled in this great city.

Some sites, attractions and landmarks worth visiting are presented below. Please share your travel experience and reasons to go to London!



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    Tower of London
    This place should top the list of destinations to visit. It’s quite a fulfilling place where you’ll get to experience out of the ordinary excitement. The place was once a prison and execution center. This was over a thousand years ago since it’s currently a site that attracts millions of tourists each year. The history and experienced enjoyed is mind blowing so you’ll have to make a date so as not to miss out. There are tour guides in the area that can show you around the area for a small fee.

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    Tate Modern
    It’s a wonderful place to visit and is found just by the banks of River Thames. It’s the country’s national museum of contemporary and modern art. It was once a power station hence the unique and extraordinary design that it holds, which is quite different from the modern day museums. Entry is absolutely free thus making it a very cost effective place to visit when you run low on cash. There is a restaurant available that offers visitors various delicacies from different parts of the world.

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    St James Park
    There is always a point on most tours that one searches for the perfect spot bearing nature’s finest views so that they can sit and relax. Well, this is it. St. James Park is arguably one of the most beautiful parks in London. You can enjoy a cool relaxing atmosphere away from the concrete structures at any time of the day. There are also other sites and attractions such as Churchill Museum and the Buckingham palace. You can take pictures of the duck and pelicans found on the serene lake.

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    London Eye

    This is a huge part of the London skyline. It’s actually the largest observation wheel in the whole world. It consists of capsules that accommodate up to 25 people at a go. You’ll be able to get a full view of almost every landmark in the city by getting aboard the London Eye. This is definitely a chance to grasp as rarely will you find an opportunity of this caliber.

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    The British Museum

    Learn about the history of man and how they came into existence by visiting the famous British Museum. A lot of evidence about how man came into being has been gathered from various parts of the world and brought to this museum. It’s the ideal place to enlighten yourself about your true origin. Entry into the museum is free though you might need to part with some money if you need a special exhibition.

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