Why Travel to Dubai?

Located on the southeast coast of the Persian Gulf, Dubai is one of the 7 emirate cities of the United Arab Emirates. With over 2 million residents, Dubai has the largest population in the country.

The earliest documentation of Dubai was in 1095, with the earliest settlement in the region dating back to 1799. With its hot desert climate, Dubai is perhaps best toured during the warm winter months when the sun is bearable.

Today, Dubai is recognized as a cosmopolitan metropolis, and a cultural hub of both the Middle East and the region of the Persian Gulf, and this is just one of the many reasons why you should visit Dubai.

So, why would you travel to Dubai?  Here are some of the reasons for visiting Dubai (the list is open):




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    Ride the Abra
    Every couple of minutes, a little open ferry known as an abra crosses the creek that separates the old, original Dubai, while dodging the ancient dhows trading around the Gulf. For just one dirham, the ferry ride could prove to be the travel bargain of your life as you get to browse the spice, tapestry and gold souks in Deira. Thereafter, you may ride another abra to Bur Dubai through the Meena Bazaar and Al Bastakiya quarter that features traditional Arabian homes.

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    Jumeirah Beach Park

    The best time to vacation in Dubai is during the winter when the desert sun is not too brutal. A trip to Dubai is not complete without splashing around in the blue-green waters of the Persian Gulf and lazing about on the soft golden sand of the Dubai’s beaches. Be sure to check out Jumeirah Beach Park where you can enjoy some easy waterside strolls.

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    Al Dhiyafah Road

    The best way to experience Dubai – as with any other exotic location – is through your stomach. And one of the best spots to do this is at Al Dhiyafah Road, the cheap-eats street in Dubai. Here you will find restaurants spilling out onto the sidewalk where you can people-watch while sampling foods from Iran, India and Lebanon. For some mixed grills and zesty salads go further north to Sidra at the end of the street. At Pars Iranian Kitchen, you can feast on fresh seafood and succulent lamb from the outdoor grill.

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    • Bastakiya
    Bastakiya is the old town and spiritual heart of Dubai that must be included on every travelers list. Here you can stroll along the shaded streets and take in the beguiling charm of old Dubai seen through the wind towers and courtyard buildings that are now home to art galleries and cafes. At the Dubai Museum, you will get to learn about the origins of the city as a small pearl diving and fishing port.
    • Dune Surfing
    If you’re up for adventure, get into a jeep and go off on a desert safari. If you are an expert driver, you shouldn’t have any problem navigating the towering gold and red sand dunes of Dubai.
    If you have more reasons to travel to Dubai, feel free to include them here!

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