Why Travel to Barcelona, Spain?

Why travel to Barcelona: Barri Gotic

Why travel to Barcelona: Barri Gotic
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Located in Spain in a province known as Catalonia, Barcelona is a gem waiting to be discovered and explored. The city is without a doubt blessed with rich cultural history and heritage. The people living in Barcelona are very friendly and will help you make your stay very comfortable and exciting.

Having a complete understanding of the Catalonian culture will enable you to enjoy the city on a larger scale. You can achieve this by reading various books about the city. Perusing through Spanish books to understand the basics of the language will also go a long way in preparing you for the trip. You aren’t required to intensify the learning of the Spanish language; you just need to learn greetings and maybe directions as there are a few people who can speak English.

There is a huge list of world heritage sites available in Barcelona that you can visit and experience the best of what the city has to offer. Some of the sites include Casa Mila, Casa Vicens, Casa Batllo, Hospital de Sant Pau and Palau de la Musica Catalana.

Barcelona is the ideal destination to visit as it’s considered one of the major global cities in the world that offers beautiful tourist attractions, cultural diversity and wonderful shopping experience. The city experiences a Mediterranean climate which has dry summers and humid winters. The city has several shopping centers that can relive any urges that shopaholics have. You’ll be able to purchase a variety of beautiful designer clothing. You can also buy souvenirs to help remind you of the beautiful and wonderful experience that you had in this city.

Sites, attractions and Landmarks worth visiting in Barcelona

The city is home to some of UNESCO world heritage sites. It’s these very sites that have made the city a popular destination for tourists from different place of the world. Some of the best places to visit include Gothic Quarters, National Museum of Art, Sagrada Familia and so on. Please share your experience from Barcelona!



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    Montjuïc Park
    The park is filled with natural beauty that you’ll enjoy. You will be able to see the birds of different species and enjoy picnics. You can take in a breath of fresh air away from the busy town filled with crowds.

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    Gothic Quarters (Barri Gotic)

    A lot of the structures in this area were constructed in medieval era. It’s a great place to experience and enjoy ancient craftsmanship and architecture. You can do so with friends and family interested in learning about ancient Catalonian history.

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    National Museum of art
    This is a wonderful place to visit especially if you are interested in Romanesque art collections. Its open during normal working hours and you can get tours round the museum without any hassle.

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