Why travel to Bangkok, Thailand?

Why travel to Bangkok? Lumphini Park

Lumphini Park
Photo by Andy Jones, available under a CC BY 2.0 License

Bangkok is one of those destinations that have everything that a traveler can ever imagine, from amazing nightlife, beautiful sites and attractions, wonderful facilities and most importantly breathtaking views. Located in Thailand, the city is well known for its busy streets and exciting sceneries.

There is river by the name Chao Phraya that makes its way through the city. You can enjoy exclusive means of transport using boat rides on this very river. It’s a very positive and different experience as you make your way around the city using this means. You’ll be able to see the city from a different angle.

The tropical wet and dry climate is experienced in the city. It’s mostly characterized by extremely hot summers and cool winters. The temperatures during the summer can rise to 34°C. You are therefore advised to dress in clothes that aren’t warm.

Some sites, attractions and Landmarks worth visiting in Bangkok are presented below, and you’re welcome to share yours too!



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    Lumphini Park

    There are several parks within the city. The Lumphini Park is very green and beautiful. It’s a place that you would want to take your kids so that they can get away from all the commotion in the streets of the city. The park is easily accessible and is located next to the Si Lom – Sathon business district. You can also visit other parks such as Chatuchak – Queen Sirikit – Wachirabenchathat Park, which can be found to the north of the city.

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    Buddhist Temples

    Buddhist temples such as Wat Arun, Wat Phra Kaew and Wat Pho are major attractions in the city. You can also enjoy your time in the city by touring the Erawan Shrine and Giant Swing which showcase the best of Hinduism and Thai culture.

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    Vimanmek Mansion

    You shouldn’t miss out on seeing Vimanmek Mansion, which is considered the world largest teak structure. The site is located in Dusit Palace, which also contains other interesting attractions and sites. The Thai culture can be further experienced with a trip to the various museums such as Royal Barge national museum and Bangkok national Museum.

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    Bangkok Art and culture Center
    Bangkok Art and culture center should summarize your tour of cultural centers as it holds a lot of artifacts that would help you know almost everything about their way of life.

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    Silom is a major financial district in the city. It’s a place that you definitely must visit in order to get the full experience of the city. It’s filled with world class hotels, restaurants and shopping centers that will offer visitors and tourists alike the experience of a lifetime.

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